Oak Furniture, Enduring and Powerful – Finewood Studios:

We work with pine and oak furniture on a day-to-day basis. Finewood Studious have been retailing and designing beautifully crafted pine and oak furniture for nearly forty years. We like to think we know more than a few things about furniture.

We know how tempting it is for you to save money by buying furniture made of plastic, veneers, or low quality softwoods. In the long run you will spend more on replacing products over time due to their (comparatively) inferior quality of materials. They wear and tear and break.

Oak Furniture Extending Table and Chairs

Investments in Oak

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Oak furniture is an investment:

Oak furniture is an excellent example of enduring hardwood strength. Oak furniture can be treated, crafted, and have its natural beauty brought out by proper craftsman. Oak furniture can be found amidst classical homes that have stood the test of time. Whether it’s oak window frames or an oak dining table – oak furniture stands the test of time (and often outlives its owners). Oak furniture makes an excellent and practical antique for your children to inherit.

Our ability to produce made to measure furniture means we can provide you with the perfect piece of traditional oak furniture to suit you. Our products are made to last from the finest natural materials. We are proud of all of our UK-made pine and solid oak furniture, a fact that keeps lead times down.

At Finewoods we’re always eager to have help customers meet their needs. You can pop in and get hands-on with our traditional furniture, or take a look at our virtual tour (courtesy of Google3D). We have a great range of pine and oak furniture. Come and visit us in person, or contact us online for a personal quote!

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