Pine Furniture in Staffordshire

Here at Finewood Studios, we stock the best range of pine furniture in Staffordshire handmade by our master craftsmen. Pine has long been one of the most popular choices when it comes to wooden furniture and with good reason. A soft wood, pine furniture can be purchased stained or unstained and with a variety of finishes. Pine is high quality, environmentally friendly and one of the most affordable materials available as well as the fact it looks fantastic in any home due to the subtlety of the wood.

Pine Furniture Staffordshire

Choose Finewood for Pine Furniture in Staffordshire

When choosing pine furniture, it is vital to assess the quality of it. Cheap pine furniture is often held together by lots of screws and isn’t solid all the way through. You will also see glue and staples holding the joints together rather than wooden joints. This furniture won’t last very long whereas our pieces will last you a lifetime. A retailer should know everything about the furniture they are selling an at Finewood we have decades of experience in making bespoke pine furniture. The reason pine is cheaper isn’t down to the quality, but because it takes more time to cut and assemble other hard woods such as oak making it ideal for new homeowners. We have the best pine furniture in Staffordshire and have pieces for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room and dining room.

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Get in Touch Today for Pine Furniture in Staffordshire

Finewood use only the finest materials to construct our furniture and we take a huge amount of pride in the quality of our products. We offer a comprehensive guarantee on all purchases as well as instructions on how to keep your pine furniture looking at its best. We have been trading in the Staffordshire region for over 40 years now offering great value, top quality furniture for the region. If you would like to know anything else, please get in touch with our pine furniture experts today.


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