Oak Vs Pine – What Furniture Should You Choose?

We have been supplying Staffordshire with high quality made to measure furniture for over four decades now. Finewood Studios create beautiful pine and oak furniture to our customers exact specifications and have designed some truly stunning pieces over the years. Each piece of furniture we make is artisanally crafted from the highest quality materials. And, made to measure furniture not only looks fantastic, but is robust and designed to withstand regular, everyday usage. It also costs a lot less than most people think and is a far greater long term investment than cheaper, mass manufactured alternatives. In this blog, we take a look at our two most popular materials and the differences between oak and pine furniture.


Oak or Pine? – Made to Measure Furniture in Staffordshire

The two most popular choices for made to measure furniture are oak and pine. Of the two, oak is the heavier material and generally more wear resistant while pine is lighter but has exceptional stiffness allowing it to absorb shock with ease. Oak is a hardwood, which takes significantly longer to grow than pine making it the slightly more expensive of the two materials. Appearance wise, oak furniture has a darker, more reddish colour while pine furniture is very white or yellowish. Oak is usually stained to enhance the darker hues while pine is usually just varnished to maintain the clean white appearance.

What Material Should I Choose For Made to Measure Furniture?

It is entirely dependent on your personal preference. Oak is more commonly used to create traditional made to measure furniture due to the distinct colour and pattern. For more modern pieces, pine is the ideal choice for lighter coloured furniture which is also durable, stylish and versatile. Both are strong and beautiful in their own way but if you still can’t decide then why not have a chat with our design team? Our made to measure furniture specialists will be more than happy to help you make the right decision so please don’t hesitate to ask us anything today!


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