Made to Measure Furniture

Oak, Pine and how they define Made to Measure Furniture:

Finding beautiful made to measure furniture has never been easier to find, thanks to Finewood Studios, but just what should you look for in a piece of made to measure furniture? How do you that, when you go bespoke, you’re getting the most bang for your buck? Lucky for you that we’re here to help you figure that out make sure you get the very best made to measure furniture that your budget can muster.

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Oak, Pine and how they define Made to Measure Furniture:

There are distinct differences between pine and oak when it comes to made to measure furniture. Each material offers different properties that lend themselves to different uses when they’re used to build made to measure furniture. Here at Finewood Studios we deal almost entirely in two materials – pine and oak – let’s break down the strengths of each of those and see how they measure.

Oak for Made to Measure Furniture:

Oak furniture has a long held history in English heritage of being associated with strength and reliability. Oak is a dense, strong hardwood that can resist insect and fungal attack. Not only that, but its attractive grain markings and overall aura of power and strength have earned oak made to measure furniture places in the House of Commons and many other prestigious buildings.

Pine for Made to Measure Furniture:

Pine is a softwood that is highly pliable and has a range of flexible applications. Pine’s light colour makes it a popular choice in kitchens, since it compliments the white goods commonly found therein. Pines ability to easily absorb whatever is painted over it lends it to a variety of different settings. Different finished can achieve anything from a distressed look to a more rustic feel.

Choosing the right Made to Measure Furniture:

Figured our which material you’re going to use in your home? Or do would you like to see some samples first. Lucky for you, we’ve got a whole store full of made to measure furniture! Take a browse around, try our virtual tour, or get in touch with us directly – we’re happy to help!

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