Oak furniture, the new wooden “Chic” of the Industrial Catwalk?

Here at Finewood Studios, we care about trends and the latest looks. No, that doesn’t mean we can explain what on earth is going on in the above picture, nor can we tell you what Justin Bieber has or Miley Cyrus has been wearing… but we can tell you what’s going on in the world of made to measure furniture.

‘Industrial chic’ is a term floating around at the moment that put simply, is a term describing a look that blends practicality and vintage materials for an end result of an urban, contemporary-with-a-twist, design.

Similarly to the catwalks of New York, where models wouldn’t been seen without the latest designer must-haves, – aged woods, worn texture and metals with rich patinas (or in other words, a type of film on the surface of bronze or similar metals produced by oxidation) are essential to this style.

Some may have found it surprising that oak is the leading wood type for this popular decor trend. We couldn’t be any less surprised.

Our previous blog post on the return of traditional, made-to-measure furniture outlined our predictions for the return in popularity of oak and pine furniture and it looks like this trend has no intention of slowing down.

In a world as fluid and fast-paced as the one we inhibit today, we’re firm believers that our customers deserve longevity and durability. Something that will ground their homes, kitchens, bedrooms and dining rooms in tradition but now also give them an insight into ‘Industrial chic.’  

In terms of history, the oak tree takes up to 200 years to reach full maturity and it was mainly used to make the carcass of furniture and the drawer linings after the 17th Century. It became extremely popular in the Georgian era, followed by a revival during Victorian times.

Who knew that hundreds of years later, the rustic looking cabinet in your parents house could be leading the way in the world of the wooden catwalk :)

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